This COVID vaccine is a cause for concern. Here’s why:

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Risk/Reward imbalance:

As tragic as any premature death is, the truth is the fatality rate for COVID-19 is so low <1% (Studies on Covid-19 Lethality — Swiss Policy Research ( and the cohort severely affected by it so small, that any notion of a vaccine being a ‘necessity’ is far from the truth for most people. Contrary to media fear-mongering, the vast majority of infected persons overcome the virus having suffered little more than mild symptoms and, once infected, are immune for many years- despite the media’s assertion that reinfection is a distinct possibility. This notion ex-Pfizer vice president and well accredited scientist Michael Yeadon recently discredited saying “that’s not how immunology works”.

Detriment to civil liberties:

For those who are in the high-risk cohorts the roll out of the vaccine may seem like it could never come too soon and rightly so. Most of us healthy people under the age of 65 though, have an extremely low percentage chance of experiencing anything other than mild symptoms-let alone death-so the question must be asked as to why we are undergoing such a frantic vaccine-oriented frenzy right now? Even if this pathogen had a truly high death rate, the prospect of making a vaccine mandatory or coercing the public into its admission, as is being discussed now, would still be cause for concern and deserve rigorous scrutiny and debate. To what extent is the state legitimately able to enforce a citizen into inputting anything into their own body? Is one’s body not sacrosanct? Have we abandoned our positions as sovereigns of our own person?

Mistrust of pharma:

Alongside the aforementioned factors, mistrust in the pharmaceutical industry ranks high in the reasons for scepticism over this vaccine. Long has it been clear that these companies place profit before the wellbeing of the people they are supposed to be healing. Grossly high prices on essential medications, the opiate crisis, faulty drugs with dangerous side effects, all of these factors and many more have bred a real disdain for this industry in the hearts of many people who will, no doubt, be more than reluctant to accept a vaccination which has not even been subject to adequate testing.



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