Ideas with a dangerous potential (pt 1):

O.T. Paynter-Wells
4 min readJan 4, 2021


Photo by Breno Machado on Unsplash

. . . . when ideas are neglected by those who ought to attend to them — that is to say, those who have been trained to think critically about ideas — they sometimes acquire an unchecked momentum and an irresistible power. . . . — Isaiah Berlin, “Two Concepts of Liberty,” p. 119

This statement is both poignant and true. We need not look back to instances in history to understand this; we are living through one such time now. Ideas are circulating which have the potential to have devastating ramifications on our lives and livelihoods, these ideas require all those with the capacity to think about them to do so before they reach that ‘irresistible power’ which Berlin referenced. Anyone who has read this page before, will have a good grasp on what these ideas, which I believe are deserving of rigorous scrutiny, are and how I believe they may adversely impact society — as well as public health. Such ideas as: mandatory or quasi-mandatory vaccinations (the latter being implemented through coercion and threats), resorting to stazi-esque policing, lockdowns, the halting of commerce, infringements on freedom of speech and many more…

Now, I must address the tendency people have to label all those who critique these notions as ‘quacks’ or conspiracy theorists. To see the contraindications of these ideas, and thus become averse from them, is in no way a fringe view, innumerable scientists, philosophers, doctors and everyday people- whose opinions are no less valid- have taken an out-spoken stance contrary to the conventional narrative on these aforementioned topics (as can be seen in the and to simply dismiss them with such crude labels is not only an insult to them and their work but also a great disservice to humanity.

One wonders what Galileo and those who adopted his theories would have been labelled? ‘Heretics’, after all, being anti-establishment and espousing opinions contrary to the status quo, are not so far from today’s often thrown about ‘conspiracy theorist’ label. Instances of verified ‘conspiracies’ closer to our present day are, amongst others, such events as: the Iraq war and the myth of WMD’s, the ‘Patriot Act’ and the systematic invasions of privacy which it ‘legitimated’, Big-Pharma related scandals like the 2004 withdrawal of Vioxx, an anti-arthritic drug, which ‘hurt hundreds of thousands of patients, killing a third of them, a senior FDA investigator said at the time’.- Vioxx | Treatment for Arthritis & Recall for Patient Deaths ( . The destabilisation of the Middle East to instate proxy-western rulers, steal natural resources and establish power bases (Hillary Clinton’s Emails Confirm The “Real Agenda” Behind the US-NATO War on Libya — Global ResearchGlobal Research — Centre for Research on Globalization), a fully exhaustive list of all such international corruption and foul-play is something the author, nor the reader, would have time to analyse. What I hope I have laid out in the list provided are some fundamental and verifiable occurrences of governmental deceit and tyranny, with these in mind, we can turn our attention back to the primary topics of discussion.

So I think there’s a very strong argument for having compulsory vaccinations for children when they go to school, because otherwise they’re putting other children at risk”- Matt Hancock, UK Health Secretary —( Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian)

The talk of mandatory vaccinations in response to COVID-19, especially when in regard to children, is both ominous and disturbing. I am in no way anti-vax, nor am I an immunologist, and thus I will refrain from making anecdotal and emotion-based claims about all vaccinations and their efficacy. I will however, provide a reasoned rebuttal to the widely disseminated idea that the COVID vaccines will be societies ‘knight in shining armour’ . Firstly, the data indicates that there is simply no need for it. Only a relatively small cohort of the population are severely affected by the pathogen and smaller still is the group of people who die as a DIRECT result of it. In addition to this, is the vaccines relatively untested nature and it’s entirely untested long-term consequences, which should, at the very least, insight caution in those considering taking it especially with Big Pharma’s blood-stained track record. However legitimate the idea of inoculating those who are vulnerable, any talk of making it compulsory for them or the vast majority of healthy people is preposterous, not at all based in science and a huge cause for concern, for both public health and civil liberty.